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ID Date Titles Authors
1254 08/03/2013 The expressions of MIF and CXCR4 protein in tumor microenvironment are adverse prognostic factors in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Ma Gang, Zhang Lin, He Jia, XIE DAN, Liu Wan-Li, Zeng Yi-Xin, Chen Shi-Ping, Li Jiang, Ye Shu-Biao, Tang Xiao-Feng,
1255 19/06/2014 Tumor-derived exosomes promote tumor progression and T-cell dysfunction through the regulation of enriched exosomal microRNAs in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma Li Jiang, Zhang Xiao-shi, Luo Dong-hua, Huang Bi-Jun, Cui Jun, Ye Shu-Biao, Chen Yu-Suan, Li Ze-Lei, Zeng Yi-Xin,
1256 01/02/2015 Tumor-induced myeloid-derived suppressor cells promote tumor progression through oxidative metabolism in human colorectal cancer Li Ze-Lei, Zhang Xiao-shi, Li Jiang, Liao Wei, Zhi-zhong PAN , ZHANG RONG-XIN, Ye Shu-Biao, OuYang Li-Ying, Ma Gang, Li Qing, Wang Zhong, Zheng Li-Min, Wu Xiao-Jun,
1257 25/03/2011 New Constraints on Dark Matter from CMS and ATLAS Data Liu Zuowei, Akula Sujeet, nath Pran, Peim Gregory, Feldman Daniel,
1258 01/11/2011 Demo: Automatic Personal Identification System for Security in Critical Services: A Case Study Alesii Roberto, Tennina Stefano, Santucci Fortunato, Luigipomante Luigi, Di Renzo Marco, Graziosi Fabio,
1259 02/09/2011 Entity Localization and Tracking: A Sensor Fusion-based Mechanism in WSNs Di Renzo Marco, Minutolo Riccardo, Valleta Marco, Tennina Stefano, Santucci Fortunato, Graziosi Fabio,
1260 19/03/2008 Trade-Offs between the Metabolic Rate and Population Density of Plants Ji Ming-Fei, Yu Ze-Long, Zhao Chang-ming, Liu Jing, Zhang Qiang, Deng Jian-Ming, Liu Jian-Quan, Wang Gen-Xuan, Li Tao,
1261 15/08/2013 Overexpression of the Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) Signaling Adaptor MYD88, but Lack of Genetic Mutation, in Myelodysplastic Syndromes Yang Hui, Bueso-Ramos Carlos, Jia Yu, Wang Hui, GARCIA-MANERO GUILLERMO, Nguyen Martin, Chen Rui, Wei Yue, Zheng Hong, PIERCE SHERRY, Wu Chenghua, DiNardo Courtney, Fang Zhihong, Dimicoli Sophie,
1262 10/01/2011 Microtubule disruption targets HIF-1α mRNA to cytoplasmic P-bodies for translational repression O'Brate Aurora, Carbonaro Marisa, Giannakakou Paraskevi,
1263 01/01/2012 Supporting intra-task parallelism in real-time multiprocessor systems Fonseca José,
1264 01/01/2011 A tighter analysis of the worst-case endto- end communication delay in massive multicores Nélis Vincent, Dasari Dakshina, Nikolic Borislav, Petters Stefan M.,
1265 01/01/2011 Partitioned scheduling of multimode systems on multiprocessor platforms: when to do the mode transition? Petters Stefan M., Raravi Gurulingesh, Nélis Vincent, Marinho José,
1266 01/01/2012 Device power management for real-time embedded systems Petters Stefan M., Awan Muhammad Ali,
1267 01/01/2014 Genomic insights into the overlap between psychiatric disorders: implications for research and clinical practice Doherty Joanne L., Owen Michael J.,
1268 07/02/2006 The role of VEGF receptors in angiogenesis; complex partnerships Ballmer-Hofer K., Zehnder-FjÀllman A., Cébe-Suarez S.,
1269 11/12/2013 Effects of sodium polyacrylate on water retention and infiltration capacity of a sandy soil Zhuang Wenhua, Li Longguo, Liu Chao,
1270 01/11/2012 Simulation of relativistically colliding laser-generated electron flows Yang X.H., Sarri Gianluca, Borghesi M., Dieckmann M. E.,
1271 05/03/2013 The interaction between OsMADS57 and OsTB1 modulates rice tillering via DWARF14 Xu Yunyuan, Zhang Cui, Guo Siyi, Mao Zhiwei, Meng Zheng, Chong Kang, Ma Yan, Liu Huanhuan, Zhang Qirui,
1272 01/10/2008 QSAR models for reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption in regulatory use – a preliminary investigation† NiemelÀ J.R., Jensen G.E., Nikolov N.G., Wedebye E.B.,
1273 01/09/2014 Polybacterial human disease: the ills of social networking Murdoch Sarah L., Ryan Robert P, Short Francesca L.,